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The use of methyl sulfone

Methyl sulfone, a white apparent powder, acrid in ether, water, ethanol, benzene, methanol, and acetone, hardly acrid in ether. Under accustomed temperature can not accomplish permanganate discoloration, able oxidant able of blaze into methanesulfonic acid, dimethyl sulfone. Dimethyl sulfoxide band-aid was neutral. Sublimation at 25 ° C trace to 60 ° C sublimation faster, appropriately dry dimethyl sulfone articles calmly in the low-temperature vacuum.

The methyl sulfone industry hot bread-and-butter and raw abstracts for amoebic synthesis, gas chromatography anchored phase, analytic reagent, aliment additives and drugs.

 Methyl sulfoneis an amoebic sulfides, the capital actuality of animal collagen synthesis. Contain MSM animal circadian burning 0.5mgMSM, and already the abridgement of it will could cause bloom disorders or the accident of ache in animal skin, hair, nails, bones, anatomy and organs. Therefore, as a bloom drugs away a ample amount of applications, the capital biologic for the aliment of animal biological basal sulfur balance.

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How is trifluorotoluene use?

Trifluorotoluene is an amoebic admixture with the blueprint of C6H5CF3. This achromatic fluorocarbon is acclimated as a specialty bread-and-butter in amoebic amalgam and an average in the assembly of pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

According to Ogawa and Curran, trifluorotoluene is agnate to dichloromethane in accepted acylation, tosylation, and silylation reactions. The dielectric constants for dichloromethane and trifluorotoluene are 9.04 and 9.18, respectively, apocalyptic agnate solvating properties. Dipole moments analyze beneath favorably: 1.89 and 2.86 D for dichloromethane and trifluorotoluene, respectively. Replacing dichloromethane is advantageous if altitude crave college baking solvents back trifluorotoluene boils 62 °C college than dichloromethane (b.p. 40 °C).

As a solvent, trifluorotoluene is advantageous in balmy Lewis-acid catalyzed reactions, such as the Friedel-Crafts preparations. The a lot of accepted catalyst, aluminium trichloride reacts with trifluorotoluene at allowance temperature; however, zinc chloride does not.

A additional and conceivably added admired use of trifluorotoluene is as a constructed intermediate. A acquired of trifluorotoluene, 3-aminobenzotrifluoride, is the forerunner to the herbicide fluometuron. It is actinic via nitration followed by abridgement to meta-H2NC6H4CF3. This aniline is again adapted to the urea.

Flumetramide (6-[4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]morpholin-3-one), a ashen beef relaxant, is aswell able from trifluorotoluene.

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4-Fluorobenzyl bromide,3-Fluorobenzyl bromide,2-Fluorobenzyl bromide Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

4-Fluorobenzyl bromide:

Molecular Formula:C7H6BrF

CAS No.:459-46-1

Molecular weight:189.02

bp :85 °C15 mm Hg(lit.)
density :1.517 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
refractive index :n20/D 1.547(lit.)
Fp :>230 °F
Sensitive :Lachrymatory
BRN :636507
CAS DataBase Reference:459-46-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference:«alpha»-Bromo-4-fluorotoluene(459-46-1)
EPA Substance Registry System:Benzene, 1-(bromomethyl)-4-fluoro-(459-46-1)


Of fluoride broMide;4-Fluorobenzyl bromi;P-FLUOROBENZYL BROMIDE;4-FLUOROBENZYL BROMIDE;1-bromo-3-fluorotoluene;à-bromo-4-fluorotoluene;4-FLUOROBBENZYL BROMIDE;A-BROMO-4-FLUOROTOLUENE;α-Bromo-4-fluorotoluene;α-BroMo-p-fluorotoluene

3-Fluorobenzyl bromide:

Molecular Formula:C7H6BrF

CAS No.:456-41-7

Molecular weight:189.02

Synonym Name:
1-Bromomethyl-3-fluoro-benzene; 1-(bromomethyl)-3-fluorobenzene; benzene, 1-(bromomethyl)-3-fluoro-

2-Fluorobenzyl bromide:

Molecular Formula:C7H6BrF

CAS No.:446-48-0

Molecular weight:189.02

assay:   98%
refractive index :  n20/D 1.552(lit.)
bp:   84-85 °C/15 mmHg(lit.)
density:   1.567 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)


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