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11-dehydro Thromboxane B2 EIA Kit characteristics

11-dehydro Thromboxane B2 EIA Kit is a metabolite of TXB2 (not formed by platelets or the kidney) with a circulating half-life (t½) of 45 minutes. Its altitude in claret or urine will accord a time-integrated adumbration of TXA2 assembly and is recommended to appraisal TXA2 levels to avoid altitude complications associated with TXB2. Cayman’s 11-dehydro TXB2 EIA Kit is a aggressive appraisal that can be acclimated for altitude of 11-dehydro TXB2 in urine and added sample matrices. Accustomed claret levels of 11-dehydro TXB2 (1-2 pg/ml) are beneath the apprehension absolute of this appraisal (16 pg/ml), so claret samples have to be antiseptic and concentrated above-mentioned to analysis. Urine samples should be adulterated appropriately afore assaying.

11-dehydro Thromboxane B2 EIA Kit is affirmation suggesting that 11-dehydro TXB2 can be formed non-enzymatically afterward platelet activation, so it is important to action claret samples bound to anticipate artifactual accumulation of 11-dehydro TXB2. The EIA about displays an IC50 (50% B/B0) amount of 120 pg/ml and a apprehension absolute (80% B/B0) of about 34 pg/ml.TXA2 is rapidly anatomize non-enzymatically to anatomy TXB2. However, a lot of of the TXB2 abstinent in the claret or urine of advantageous individuals is due to ex vivo platelet activation or intra-renal production, and accustomed concentrations of circulating TXB2 are acutely low (1-2 pg/ml) and awful brief (t½ = 5-7 minutes).

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