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What is Triethyl Citrate?


Colorless transparent liquid£¬boiling point:150ºC(0.4KPa), flash point(open)155ºC, soluble in most organic solvent, slightly soluble in oils. This product is innocuous plasticizer.


Triethyl Citrate is banal plasticizer, broadly acclimated in the plasticizer of artificial adhesive and vinyl resin, acclimated as leavening abettor in aliment to advance the bubbles backdrop of baking food, as antioxidant to balance soybean oil, bloom oil, margarine and added comestible fat and oil, as additive abettor acclimated in bendable drinks, amoroso and baking food, acclimated as chelating abettor and carrier solvent. Especially applicative to the industries including press ink coating, banal PVC grain, biologic industry, bendable toys for children, medical articles and cosmetics assembly etc.


As plasticizer, Triethyl Citrate can be acclimated in attach enamels or hair sprays to plasticize and strengthen polymeric films. More accepted advice of the use of Triethyl Citrate as plasticizer here.

As deodorant, according to Cognis abstruse abstracts area of Hydagen CAT, Triethyl Citrate assumption of activity is based on a pH amount abased capricious inhibition of the enzymatical abasement of candied ingredients, epidermal residues and derma apparent fat, so that bad-smelling abasement articles cannot develop.

National Starch, supplier of the alive additive “Hydrovance”, gives several tips to balance this molecula. One of them is the use of low atomic weight esters, a part of which Triethyl Citrate gives acceptable results.

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