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Eldecalcitol Mechanism of Action

Eldecalcitol is an orally administered alternation of calcitriol that binds to vitamin D receptors and to the vitamin D bounden protein with one eighth of the affection of calcitriol for vitamin Dreceptors and 2.7-fold that of calcitriol for vitamin D binding protein. As eldecalcitol is not a prodrug of calcitriol, it does not anon access levels of the by itself occurring ligand.[19] Eldecalcitol appears to accept altered furnishings to calcitriol in that it is weaker in inducing corpuscle differentiation, while it is stronger in its furnishings on bone. Unlike calcitriol, eldecalcitol has alone anemic authority in

suppressing serum parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels. These characteristics of eldecalcitol provided a account for its development as a analysis for osteoporosis. In animals, eldecalcitol inhibits osteoclastic cartilage resorption, while advancement osteoblastic function. In ovariectomized rats, eldecalcitol produced dose-dependent increases in cartilage accumulation and blurred of cartilage assimilation markers.[18] These furnishings were greater than for alfacalcidol and were absolute of furnishings on calcium assimilation and serum PTH levels. Eldecalcitol has agnate furnishings in bodies .


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