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Paniculate swallowwort root clinical application

Analgesia, sedation, antibacterial, antipyretic, relaxing smooth muscle function, especially on the cardiovascular system, have lower blood pressure and slow heart rate, reduce blood fat, and so on; And found that except for the main components were removed after were still can step-down, there are other step-down components in the preliminary specification paniculate swallowwort root; Also found paniculate swallowwort root appeared to increase coronary blood flow, improve cardiac ischemia, myocardial metabolism, ease of dysentery bacillus and staphylococcus aureus has inhibitory effect. There were the role of prevention and treatment of liver cancer.

1. Used for rheumatic pain. This product is good at functions, function t2dm pain for rheumatoid joint pain, can cooperate with giant knotweed equivalent.

2. Used to often abdominal pain, toothache, pain down servant, etc. Paniculate swallowwort root has good analgesic effect, clinically used in a variety of pain, can take a significant analgesic effect, applicable to often abdominal pain, toothache and injuries all pain disease, can be single application or compatibility with the disease about drugs.

3. Used for eczema, rubella itching, such as dense tinea disease. This product is longer than the functions of relieving itching, eczema, rubella, good governance in dense tinea disease of skin itch and so on, can be single decoct soup to drink, wash outside or decoct soup, also can cooperate with sophora, belvedere fruit, cortex dictamni, etc.

4. Used for snakebite. This product can detoxify detumescence, for snakebite, can cooperate lobelia, wild chrysanthemum flower, etc. In addition, the ancient physicians think that this product has through the urine; Modern and is often used in mountaineering vomiting, motion sickness seasick, etc.


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