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Barbated Skullcup Herb Use

Used in the treatment of digestive tract cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, malignant hydatidiform mole and chorionic carcinoma, breast cancer, etc.

As used in these fluids, each 2 ml, with barbed skullcap herb extracts 40 mg, 2 ml each time.A total of 50 cases of primary liver cancer treatment, recent cured 9 cases, 8 cases were markedly effective, effective 14 cases, 19 cases ineffective, the total effective rate was 62%.Clinical observation also believes that in order to improve the anticancer efficacy, treatment of carcinoma and malignant hydatidiform mole with black nightshade, radix arnebiae seu lithospermi;Treatment of mammary gland fibrosarcoma and multiple neurofibromatosis with wild chrysanthemum flower (Flos Chrysanthemi Indici), six ear fluid (cook’s wind, Herba Blumeas Laciniatae);Treating lung cancer with lyratum thunb (Herba Solani Lyrati).

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Barbated Skullcup


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