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Bamboo leaf extract main ingredients

Stem and leaf contains triterpenoid compounds: giant reed (Arundoin), printed imperata cylindrica (Cylindrin), dandelion alcohol (Taraxerol) and Friedelin (Friedelin).The other refers to the ground part of phenol compounds, amino acids, organic acids, sugars.Leaves and stems with giant reed (arundoin), imperata cylindrica (cylindrin), dandelion sterols, friedelin, stigmasterol, beta sitosterol, campesterol.Rhizomes contain bamboo reed element and imperata cylindrica.The other refers to the ground part of phenol compounds, amino acids, organic acids, sugars.Bamboo leaves contain a large number of flavonoids and bioactive polysaccharide and other effective ingredients, such as phenolic acid compounds, anthraquinone compounds, terpenoid lactones, special amino acids and active skin, manganese, zinc, selenium and other trace elements.Bamboo leaves contain functional factors are mainly flavone glycoside and coumarin lactone.

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Coriolus versicolor – a scientifically proven effective immune stimulating agent

Coriolus versicolor, is a mushroom of traditional Chinese medicine, one of the few widely in scientific research with immune regulation effects of a traditional Chinese medicine. Coriolus versicolor for its nutritional and medicinal value. Coriolus versicolor extract has been widely in animal and human testing, it shows a different stimulating immune cells and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and other aspects of the biological activity. Although the effective ingredients of Coriolus versicolor extract information is limited, it is generally believed that contains a class called even immune polysaccharide stimuli, the Lian polysaccharide can enhance the immune response in patients, play Coriolus versicolor extract healing function. According to the chemical structure of existing data, even the polysaccharide is about high polymer polysaccharides a link.

Frankincense Pharmacological effects

(1) the anti-inflammatory

Has the obvious resistance experimental arthritis.Formaldehyde sex arthritis in mice have significant anti-inflammatory effect.Frankincense and carageen glue in mice and rats dextran edema caused by a significant combat role.Can obviously inhibit the generation of sheep red blood cells antibody and cellular reaction, inhibiting multinucleated cells infiltration, as well as reduce carageen glue in rats caused by pleural effusion.

(2) analgesia

The analgesic action of lavage in mice.The effective components in volatile oils.

(3) protect the stomach

Frankincense is to inhibit the action of the experimental peptic ulcer.The mechanism may be related to local protection.