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Coriolus versicolor – a scientifically proven effective immune stimulating agent

Coriolus versicolor, is a mushroom of traditional Chinese medicine, one of the few widely in scientific research with immune regulation effects of a traditional Chinese medicine. Coriolus versicolor for its nutritional and medicinal value. Coriolus versicolor extract has been widely in animal and human testing, it shows a different stimulating immune cells and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and other aspects of the biological activity. Although the effective ingredients of Coriolus versicolor extract information is limited, it is generally believed that contains a class called even immune polysaccharide stimuli, the Lian polysaccharide can enhance the immune response in patients, play Coriolus versicolor extract healing function. According to the chemical structure of existing data, even the polysaccharide is about high polymer polysaccharides a link.


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