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Griseofulvin Dose & Delivery

Griseofulvin is a metabolite of Penicillium griseofulvum and Penicillium janczewskii. It binds to and disrupts both the α and β tubulin subunits inducing conformational changes which disrupts the fungal mitotic spindle. As microtubules are complex in the carriage of secretory actual through the cytoplasm this has a abstruse cellular effect. As a consequence, griseofulvin is a almighty mutagen in assorted beastly corpuscle analysis assays.

Griseofulvin is formulated as both microsize and ultramicrosize affairs accustomed orally. In adults, the dosage of the microsize alertness is 0.5–1 g circadian administered already or alert daily. Microsize griseofulvin should be administrated with a blubbery aliment such as cheese or added dairy product, chocolate, absurd aliment or nuts. The dosages of the ultramicrosize alertness are 330–660 mg daily. In children, the dosage of microsize griseofulvin is 10 mg/kg circadian and for the ultramicrosize alertness 5.5 mg/kg daily.


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