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What is Gum karaya?

Gum karaya is a vegetable gum produced as an address by copse of the brand Sterculia. Chemically, gum karaya is an acid polysaccharide composed of the sugars galactose, rhamnose and galacturonic acid. It is acclimated as a thickener and emulsifier in foods, as a laxative, and as a denture adhesive. It is aswell acclimated to attenuated Gum tragacanth due to their agnate concrete characteristics. As a aliment accretion it has E amount E416.

Gum karaya can be acquired from the timberline of the aforementioned name, Sterculia urens. It is a admired actuality and is commonly broke by acid or case aback the bark, or by authoritative abysmal gashes at the abject of the block with an axe. These awkward methods of abstraction generally resulted in the afterlife of the tree, but it has been begin that appliance of the bulb advance regulator ethephon stimulates the assembly of gum, and if acclimated in anxiously controlled amounts, increases gum crop and enhances healing of the wounds and adaptation of the tree.


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