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What is Thioacetazone?

Thioacetazone (INN and BAN) is aswell alleged thiocetazone, thiacetazone, thiosemicarbazone, benzothiozane or amithiozone (USAN); abbreviated T.

Thioacetazone is acclimated in the analysis of tuberculosis; it has alone anemic action adjoin Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is alone advantageous in preventing attrition to added able drugs like isoniazid and rifampicin. It is never acclimated on its own to amusement tuberculosis; it is acclimated in a agnate way to ethambutol. Thioacetazone is the alone anti-TB biologic that is abortive if accustomed intermittently.

There is no advantage to application thioacetazone if the dieting acclimated already contains ethambutol, but abounding countries in sub-Saharan Africa still use thioacetazone because it is acutely cheap. Use of thioacetazone is crumbling because it can could cause astringent (sometimes fatal) derma reactions in HIV absolute patients.


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