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Monthly Archives: January 2016

What is Methyl formate?


Methyl formate, a clear, airy liquid, is the simplest carboxylate ester. It can be fabricated in the lab by the acid-catalyzed esterification of formic acid and methanol. Industrially, it is produced by the base-catalyzed acknowledgment of alcohol and carbon monoxide.

The automated uses of methyl formate cover the accomplish of added formic acid derivatives, as a alarming abettor for foams, and as an agronomical fumigant. It was aforetime acclimated as a refrigerant as an another to sulfur dioxide even admitting it aswell poses a toxicity hazard.

Methyl formate has been acclimated as a archetypal ester to absorption the agitation mechanisms of abundant added circuitous biodiesel mixtures. Toward this end, E. A. Carter and co-workers at Princeton University afresh performed calculations to adumbrate the hydrogen absorption kinetics of methyl formate. They begin that the predicted amount constants differed decidedly from those that were affected in antecedent agitation kinetics models.