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Valerian Chemistry

Three audible classes of compounds accept been associated with the allaying backdrop of valerian. These compounds abide of mono- and sesquiterpenes and iridoid triesters (valepotriates). Other compounds articular cover flavonoids, triterpenes, lignans, and alkaloids. The agreement of the airy oil varies clearly amid cultivars and species, as does the bulk and about admeasurement of cytotoxic valepotriates, authoritative actinic acclimation difficult but awful desirable.

The a lot of important sesquiterpenes cover valerenic acerbic and its congeners, although in Japan, V. officinalis var. latifolia , kessyl alcohols, and esters predominate. Valtrate, acevaltrate, and didrovaltrate are the a lot of important iridoids; European valerian extracts were aforetime connected on these ambiguous compounds, which accept a abbreviate shelf activity in the tincture.

The alkaloid absorption in roots and rhizomes is low, usually beneath than 0.2%. The aqueous extract of valerian contains abundant quantities of gamma-aminobutyric acerbic (GABA); however, it is ambiguous whether GABA penetrates the blood-brain barrier.

Many analytic top achievement aqueous chromatographic methods accept been developed for the sesquiterpenes and valepotriates. The melancholia aberration in valerenic acids and valepotriates has been studied. Tissue ability of valerian breed has focused on the assembly of valepotriates.


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