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What is Equisetum arvense?

Equisetum arvense, aswell accepted as horsetail, is a accepted assemble harvested for alleviative purposes. Traditionally acclimated as a diuretic, Equisetum arvense has abounding added benign alleviative applications. As with any added herbal supplement, there are risks associated with its use for assertive individuals. Before starting any herbal supplement, individuals should allege with a able healthcare able to altercate the allowances and risks of its use.

A abiding bulb with age-old lineage, Equisetum arvense thrives in albino clay and is frequently begin in locations of North America, Europe, and Asia. Maturing to a acme of about 4 anxiety alpine (1.219 m), some breed of the brand Equisetum accept been accepted to abound as top as about 30 anxiety (9.144 m). Preferring acerb soil, Equisetum arvense is characterized by its aeriform branches and strand-like axis from which the name horsetail is derived.

Horsetail possesses the accomplished assimilation of silica, aswell alleged silicon, of any bulb on Earth. As an important trace constituent, silica aids with the accord of atomic proteins begin in the body’s affiliation tissues, such as the claret vessels. As a comestible requirement, silica promotes cartilage bloom by accidental to the maturation and adherence of the ashen system. The body’s assimilation of calcium from diet is bolstered by silica, which aswell works to strengthen teeth.


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