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Water Chestnut Description

Water Chestnut has abysmal leaves that are feather-like in actualization and are oppositely-paired forth the stem. The amphibian leaves are triangular in shape.Its cord-like plant stems can ability lengths of up to 16 feet. Flowers arise in mid to backward July, and the plant aswell produces a horned fruit, the “chestnut”.
This invasive amphibian plant was alien from Europe into New York in the backward 1800’s for its accessory appearance. Its ambit has been bound to the Atlantic states, but this ambit is able of expansion. Although it is not yet a botheration in Maine, water chestnut is a above nuisance in adjacent Massachusetts and Connecticut. The above agency of breakdown is anticipation to be through ducks and geese. However, bodies are aswell able of alteration invasive amphibian plants from basin to lake.


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