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Noble metal compounds

Magnesium Peroxide Description

Magnesium peroxide (MgO2) is 43% delicate magnesium (Mg) and 57% authentic ‘solid appearance oxygen’ (O2). Magnesium is an ideal carrier for the oxygen, back it is an acrid and alkalizes the gut fluid, enabling the oxygen to dissolve. Magnesium Peroxide progressively liberates the oxygen aloft acquaintance with the acids in baptize and aswell imparts a benign top acrid acknowledgment to baptize to which it is added. Oxygenated Magnesium has added advantages over added forms – such as decidedly greater mineral ionisation. Normally Gaia Research would not acclaim basal minerals, preferring aliment sources, but in this case there is ample accurate affirmation that it is abnormally able-bodied utilised as a baptize additive, abnormally back it is ionised.

Magnesium Peroxide is aswell advantageous for blanket seeds for agronomical and abacus to beginning seeds to advance formation and alkalise, aerate and sterilise the adolescent roots as it boring liberates hydrogen peroxide and oxygen.